Indications Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction is one of the most prevailing sexual problems in modern men. Diabetes or even hernia may be the reason behind ED in most men. Sexual impotency is a high embarrassment for any men. They cannot face the trouble of their penis refusing to get erected during sex. Most men stop having sex due to such failures. They consider their sex life to be over. This is however not true! Adequate treatment can cure impotency and make men sexually powerful again. Erectile dysfunction is the problem in men who experience difficulty in maintaining their erection. The entire relationship can suffer due to this. This is a common issue in men due to the changed lifestyle. The problem has to be accepted bravely and should be undergone treatment for it. When left neglected, the issue can cause bigger troubles and ultimately ruin the relationship.

Indications of Erectile Dysfunction:

threatment of erectile disfunction

  • Loss of erection ability
  • Weaker erection for a successful sexual contact
  • Erection for a very less time
  • Premature ejaculation
  • If you have been recorded to be having 75% failure in maintaining erection of your penis while having sex, you may have ED for sure.

A successful penis erection and increase in length is caused when there is proper flow of blood in to the penis. Thus the penis increases its size and gets harder. The activity is stimulated by the brain impulses sent to the genital nerves. Any sort of blockage in the passage of these impulses causes Erectile Dysfunction. Blockage in the flow of blood also causes difficulty in penis erection.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

Chronic diseases

Fifty percent of the people who are diabetic face Erectile Dysfunction. Other chronic diseases like atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease or kidney disease can also cause ED in men. These diseases affect the normal flow of blood to the penis. Thus the penis fails to erect itself during sex.

Adverse Lifestyle

Lifestyle activities which causes difficulty in blood circulation triggers the scope of ED. Alcohol abuse, smoking or drug addiction damages the blood vessels and thus reduces the flow of blood in to the penis. Smokers have greater chances of getting affected by ED. Obesity is one major reason behind ED. Lack of exercise may bring on symptoms of ED in men and turn them sexually impotent.


Adverse medical effects may cause ED in some men. Antidepressants, blood pressure regulators and painkillers are the major threats in this. Men should always intake medicine after medical consultation to avoid any such complicacy in future.


Certain Surgical interventions like prostate or bladder during cancer treatment may affect the blood vessels surrounding the penis. This sort of damages to the nerves can sometimes be permanent. The patient has to be again undergo surgeries to recover from ED. Temporary ED may also cause due to surgeries sometimes. Under such situation the patient can get back to normal sex life within 6 to 18 months.


People who use bicycle the most are recorded to be affected by ED. The shape of the bicycle seats have great impact on the area between the anus and scrotum in men, called as perineum.

Psychological factors

Stress, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem affects the normal erection of a person. Once he is conscious of his erection issues and has faced humiliation owing to this, he tends to be more affected than before.

Threatment of Erectile Disfunction (Impotence):

threatment of erectile disfunction

Change of lifestyle

A better lifestyle can help combating ED a lot. Quitting smoking and drinking habits regularizes the blood pressure of the body. Thus proper blood flow is noticed in the penis causing correct erection during sex. Including regular exercise in the daily fitness regime helps in reducing abnormal body weight and thus ED can be controlled.

Medicines and injections

Canadian Viagra is one of the most important medicines used to cure ED. It includes Staxym, Levitra and Cialis. These pills should be taken an hour before the sexual contact. More than two pills in a day can cause adverse effects. Viagra in New York has been also available in injection forms. Injections are also used to penetrate the medicines directly in to the penis. It dilates the blood vessels present in the penis and thus promotes normal flow of blood through it. All pills and injections have to be compulsorily taken as per doctor’s prescription. Injections are prescribed in case the pills fail to have an effect.


Certain blockage in any of the arteries flowing blood to the penis can cause ED. Such issues require surgery to remove the blockage. However surgeries are recommended at a comparatively younger age.

Treatment of Hormones

Testosterone replacement therapy is carried out in men with a low level of testosterone.


ED caused due to psychological disorder can be cured with psychotherapy. This therapy is beneficial in improving the techniques of reducing anxiety, worries and stress in a person. Thus the intimacy between the couple is enhanced leading to a successful sex session. Sexual impotency is no doubt a clear reason behind the unpleasant mental condition of any person. Many may take it as an end to their sex life, but actually it is not. A proper medical and psychological support can help you get back your sexual pleasures. You do not have to kill your sexual desires owing to ED. Communicate with your partner to avail the required treatment during this period. A change in life style and proper medication has bought back many ED sufferers to normal sex life. ED is no taboo these days and can be successfully cured in most cases!